'Abstract Expressionism' Art Trip to Royal Academy of Arts, London

40 art students recently enjoyed visiting the Royal Academy of Arts in London to support their studies in painting and art history by visiting the exhibition ‘Abstract Expressionism’, a large exhibition of this important twentieth century art movement featuring artworks by such important figures as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.

The students were asked to write a review of the exhibition and worked hard to engage and think about the challenging paintings and sculpture on display. The paintings had been studied and some of the techniques attempted prior to the trip in some studio workshops with lecturer, Shaun Morris, but as one student remarked on seeing the paintings in real life,

‘It’s one thing to see the paintings in a book, but seeing them for real makes such a difference’.

It’s a comment that highlights how important these trips for students and the department will be organizing another next term.

One of the painting students observed at the Royal Academy was ‘Blue Poles’ painting by Jackson Pollock seen below:


To find out more about the Royal Academy of Arts in London take a look at their website here.