History and Politics Students group photo

History & Politics Trip to Berlin

Students standing in front of a memorial at the Topography of Terror

In October, over 50 History and Politics students travelled to Berlin, the centre of some of the most defining 20th century political history.

Travelling by coach and ferry, the students were able to practice their French, Belgian, Flemish, and German speaking before arriving at midnight.

On day one, we visited the Reichstag (the site of Germany’s federal government), walked through the famous Brandenburg gate, visited the Jewish memorial and saw Adolf Hitler’s final bunker. Students then enjoyed exploring the Topography of Terror, a museum documenting the rise of authoritarianism in 1930s Germany, situated where the SS Reich Main Security Office once stood. On day two, we travelled to the sombre site of a former concentration camp, Sachsenhausen, where approximately 30,000 people lost their lives. On the final day of the trip, we attended an interesting witness lecture in the Berlin Wall Museum at Checkpoint Charlie (the main crossing point on the Berlin Wall).

Finally, students were treated to a Turkish meal in the Eastern Quarter of Berlin to celebrate our fantastic time in the city.

Joseph Chamberlain College is committed to creating learning experiences that excite, inspire, and broaden the minds of our students – both inside and outside of the classroom.

Students standing with a speaker at the museumStudents standing in front of the Brandenburg Gate at nightStudents and teachers standing in a woodland area

Arbeit Machtere Gate