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Revision Tips

Craft a Plan

If your revision is unorganised, the amount you have to get done can seem daunting. However, with good organisation and timetabling, you can break revision down into easy-to-manage chunks. This will prevent stress and save time in the long run.

Stay Hydrated & Eat Healthily

Both staying hydrated and eating healthily are crucial to performing well in your exams. Some foods are known to boost brainpower and catalyse your memory, and eating a healthy meal before an exam will mean you will not be distracted by hunger during the exam. Water has similar benefits; it will aid in your revision, and if you bring a bottle to the exam, you will not get thirsty – just remember to take the label off of the bottle!

Take Breaks

You may feel like you should be revising continuously, but weaving in quick, short breaks can increase productivity overall and help you avoid burnout. 

Create an Ideal Study Space

Create an ideal study space (at home or college) which is free from distractions such as your phone and has everything you need (pens, notebooks, textbooks, etc.) in one place, so you will not have to leave the space and risk being distracted.

Past Papers

Going into an exam will be much less daunting if you have done past papers at home under exam conditions. You will already have an idea of the exam’s layout and the type of questions that will be asked. After marking, it will also give you a good idea of where you are at and show you your weakest areas, which will help you focus your revision more efficiently.

Remember to Sleep

A good night’s sleep helps your brain function properly and retain more information; it will make you less tired and more motivated to revise the next day when you are adequately rested, and it is crucial the night before an exam.

Arrive Early

Make plenty of time not only to eat a healthy meal beforehand but also to get to the exam venue with time to spare. You do not want to add unnecessary stress by running late.

Do Not Rush the Exam

While it is crucial to finish your exam on time (past papers can help you set the right pace), it is also vital not to rush; ensure you read each question properly, at least twice. If you do not read the question properly, you may lose marks on a question that you know how to answer.

Stay Calm

Remember to stay calm and not panic during the exam. Take deep breaths, and do your best.

Bring Everything You Need to the Exam

Make sure to bring everything you need for your exams, including pens/pencils, a calculator (if required), a bottle of water (with the label removed) and anything else you are allowed to take in. Also, be sure not to bring any items that are not allowed, like mobile phones or headphones, into your exams.