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BTEC Exams

Recently, Joseph Chamberlain College’s incredible BTEC students have been preparing for and ultimately sitting their final exams. The college’s students have commented on the exceptional assistance that their teachers have provided them. The college’s teachers did continuous exam practice with students, especially during the week before the exams started. The students utilised the mark scheme to check where they went wrong and revisited old content that they were unsure on in classes with their teachers. Multiple students commented on how the exam questions, past papers, and prediction papers helped them with their exam preparation, teaching them about the exams’ structure and the type of questions that the exam may contain.

Many of the college’s students also shared their own revision methods that they utilised outside of lessons; Priya, a student at the college, shared her helpful revision tips, stating: “I used post-it notes to revise for my BTEC exams. I stuck topics up that I was unsure of and took them back down when I revisited and relearned the content.” Priya also stated that “We went through so much extra practice with our teachers that I was excited for the exams and felt I did well.”

Khadijah, who is also a student at the college, described a type of revision she used called the ‘blurting method’. “I used this new technique where I had five minutes to memorise as much as I could and another five minutes to write down everything I remembered, which helped greatly.” She also commented on how useful past papers and mind maps were to her revision. After the exams ended, Khadijah said: “I came out of the final exam feeling like I did everything I could. I received a lot of support from my teachers.”

Joseph Chamberlain College would like to thank its teachers for their hard work during the exam period and also congratulate the BTEC students for their continued hard work and effort.