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Voice Magazine: Edition Two

The last edition of Voice student magazine for 2018. In this issue, there's a final farewell interview with Principal Elly Tobin, some fiesty articles discussing Brexit and Donald Trump, and an insightful look at transphobia. We are extremely proud of our creative students and how thoughtful they are when it…

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Voice Magazine: Edition Four

Welcome to Voice Magazine: Edition Four. The cover star is Ronja Punkka, our lovely exchange student. This issue…

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A-Level Career Paths: What Did Staff Study?

Choosing your A-Levels can be overwhelming if you haven't decided on a career yet. However, you have more…

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Reducing Exam Stress

Exam season is approaching with mock exams for AS and A-Level students beginning on December 10th. You'll need…

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Balancing a Part Time Job with College

Now that you've settled into college life, you may be thinking of getting a part time job in…

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Why Choose 4 AS-Levels?

In September 2015, the Government introduced changes to a number of A-level courses. The new guidelines suggest all exams…

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Top Tips for the Morning of an Exam

The morning of an exam can be pretty stressful. In the days leading up to the exam it’s…

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Tips for Ramadan and Exams

With exams taking place during Ramadan this year, preparation and time management will be of key importance. JCC…

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Our Top 5 Revision Tips

It’s yet again that time of the year when GCSE and A-level exams are fast approaching. By now,…

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Photography & Media | Online Gallery

Below is a gallery showing some of our current and past students Photography and Media work. Interested…

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