Why Choose 4 AS-levels?

You may be aware that in September 2015 the Government introduced changes to a number of A-level courses. Essentially, their vision is for all exams to be sat at the end of the second year, with the first (AS) year no longer contributing to students’ final grades.

As a result of these changes, some colleges in Birmingham and the West Midlands no longer allow new students to take four AS-levels. In other words, they’ll ask you to choose and study three A-level courses from the beginning of your college studies.

For many learners this raises questions: Doesn’t that mean that I’m sacrificing an AS qualification? What if I don’t enjoy one of my subjects? So will my results rely solely on how I perform in one, final set of exams? Understandably, these are pretty serious concerns.

Here at Joseph Chamberlain College we strongly believe in the advantages of studying four AS-levels and our intake will continue to do this. As a student, this gives you the chance to really explore your AS subjects and discover which three interest you the most, which three you’re best suited to and, therefore, which three to take into your second year.

Rest assured that studying 4 AS-levels brings tremendous value to you, your ambitions for university acceptance and your career goals.

Download our infographic below for the top 5 reasons why studying four AS-levels will be so beneficial to your future.