Meet our College for International Citizenship Students from Japan

Portrait photos of the three girls
Left to right: Nana, Mihiro and Junna

It has become tradition for Joseph Chamberlain College to host students from foreign universities as part of the College for International Citizenship (CIC) programme. CIC is a four week course in July which teaches international citizenship and issues that affect global society. Participating students have the opportunity to stay in student accommodation or at host homes and attend lessons at JCC. We spoke to Nana, Junna and Mihiro from Kyoritsu Women’s University, who are currently studying English language at JCC in preparation for the programme.

What are you studying at university in Japan?

Nana: I’m studying International Relations. Junna studies in the same faculty but we had never met before coming to England together!

Junna: I also study International Relations, we are taught about European history in school so I have always wanted to visit Europe.

Mihiro: I study Literature. I wanted to visit England because I’m a fan of Shakespeare plays.

If we visit Japan, what would you recommend for tourists?

Nana: Okinawa is a great place to go for a beach holiday.

Junna: You should visit Kyoto, it has many famous temples, beautiful shrines and people wearing traditional Japanese kimonos.

What do you think of England, so far?

Nana: I like it. It’s convenient how close together everything is in Birmingham and easy to find your way around. Birmingham people are very charming!

Junna: Everyone has been very friendly. I’ve been to the Black Country Museum and enjoyed exploring the old mine. I love London, too and definitely need to go to Edinburgh.

Mihiro: I loved Stratford Upon Avon where I went to the theatre and visited Shakespeare’s Birth Place. While I’m in the UK I’m keen to visit  London, especially Windsor Castle and the British Museum!

How does Birmingham compare to Japan?

Junna: Japan is not very multicultural so it’s interesting to experience so many cultures in Birmingham. I haven’t seen many other Japanese people here, lots of Chinese and Koreans though.

Mihiro: Japanese fashion is very different. We also don’t have fish and chips!

What are you enjoying about Joseph Chamberlain College and CIC?

Nana: I am really enjoying living with my host, who’s a teacher at the college, his family have made me feel so welcome. My language skills have really improved already.

Junna: The programme is a great opportunity to improve your English, I’ve learnt about grammar and soon I’m giving a presentation to my class.

Mihiro: JCC students are very welcoming, I have already made new friends. I also have amazing teachers so I can’t wait to start CIC.

For more details or to sign up to the CIC programme, click here.