AS & A-level
 What are the main features of this course?

Contemporary geography is a subject which engages with the relationship of human populations to each other and their relationship with their physical environment. The course includes both physical and human geography with fieldwork undertaken in the first year and developed as an individual investigation in the second year. Topics studied in the first year are hazards, water and carbon cycles, and global systems. In the second year topics studied are changing places, population and coasts.

Hours of lessons per week: 5
Indicative group size: 17
Who should study this course?

Geography is for those students who wish to understand the environmental and cultural changes that face the rapidly changing world in which we live. Geography combines well with both science and arts subjects at A-level and is well suited to analytical students with a curious nature.

Compulsory Fieldwork

AS Geography contains compulsory fieldwork. This will be undertaken in Arran, Scotland. This qualification cannot be completed without attendance on the fieldwork component due to exam board regulations.

How is this course assessed?

The A level is 80% examination and 20% coursework. There are three exams for the A level, which involves a combination of essay style questions and data response short answers. At the end of the AS level you will sit two shorter exams, which do not count towards the final A Level grade but are important for subject monitoring and support purposes.

Where can I go next?

The majority of students go on to Higher Education to study a wide variety of subjects including Human or Physical Geography, Sociology, Geology, Physics or Arts. Geography develops a particularly broad range of skills relevant to employment such as decision making, problem solving, handling data and report writing. Geographers may progress to work in a range of jobs from the business sector, planning, or working in the environment, to travel and tourism, international charity or retail.

Without Geography, you would be nowhere. From climate change to glaciers, economics to volcanoes, this is the subject that helps you save the world!

Hamza and Class A2 Geography Students