The Extended Project:

  • Comprises a single piece of work of your own choosing that shows evidence of planning, preparation, research, and autonomous working.
  • Is equivalent to half an A-Level and is graded on a six-point scale of A* to E (same as A-Level).
  • May include a design, report, dissertation, artefact, or performance.
  • Involves both a taught element and an element of independent learning, requiring 120 hours of it. 

To Complete the Extended Project, You Will:

  • Choose an area of interest to you personally.
  • Draft a project title on your chosen topic.
  • Draft the aims of the project (decide what you want to find out).
  • Choose either: artefact and a 1,000-word report OR a 5,000-word essay.
  • Participate in a mini-course on research methods.
  • Consult closely with your project supervisor during the project.
  • Plan, research, and carry out the project.
  • Provide a record of all stages of your project’s production.
  • Deliver a presentation to an audience.
  • Develop, where appropriate, as a confident e-learner and apply new technologies in your studies.
  • Develop and apply skills creatively, demonstrating initiative and enterprise.
  • Use your learning experiences to support your personal aspirations for Higher Education and career development.

What Will Be Submitted for Assessment:

  • Production Log (a journal that records your progress and reflections).
  • Project Outcome (an artefact and a short report OR a long report/essay).
  • Presentation (the final step).