JCC Extra/Extended Opportunities


The purpose of JCC Extra is to:

  • Inspire and create a desire to learn
  • Enhance the curriculum delivery
  • Broaden knowledge and experience
  • Support the transition into adulthood
  • Aid with positive progression
  • Help develop social skills
  • Create positive and active citizens

JCC Extra is bursting with extraordinary activities to assist with your curricular and extracurricular learning. Explore exciting societies, helpful grade boosters, enticing enrichment activities, and fantastic field trips, while expanding your academic horizons with academies and work experience/work-related learning. Also included within JCC Extra are the High Achievers programme,  Student Council, and trips, visits, and events. There are an endless amount of things to enjoy within JCC Extra!

Some of our most popular societies/enrichment activities include:

  • Driving Theory Test Preparation
  • Creation of Student Magazine
  • PROUD Book Club
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Debating Society
  • First Aid Society
  • Gaming Society
  • Anime Club

With so many spectacular societies, exciting enrichment activities, amazing academies, and so much more, you are certain to find something within JCC Extra that will suit your interests, help you reach your goals, and enrich your experience at the college.