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Student Council


Our staff are committed to weaving our students’ views, opinions, and ideas into our everyday college life. The democratic involvement of our students is something we are passionate about and utilise to help us shape the college’s future.

Each tutor group in the college elects a representative to join our Student Council; they meet three times a year to communicate and express the views of their peers and our student body as a whole. Due to this, the Student Council is an excellent way for students to report directly to our Senior Leadership Team.

Our Student Council has both an A-Level and a BTEC president who are elected by the student body’s votes. The council is led by the Student Executive, consisting of the two aforementioned presidents, along with other officers whose positions are filled via competitive interviews.

As well as embodying our student body and communicating their suggestions/concerns, our Student Council also takes the lead in organising several exciting student events, including the annual Snow Ball, Talent Show, Leaver’s Prom, and a celebration for Eid Mela.