Top Tips for the Morning of an Exam

The morning of an exam can be pretty stressful.

In the days leading up to the exam it’s important to get your body into a well-structured sleeping pattern and eat some nice healthy meals in preparation; your brain will definitely thank you for it. If you have a history of struggling to sleep before exams then perhaps do some exercise earlier in the day to ease your body into sleep-mode; swimming, jogging or whatever you enjoy most. A warm shower or bath in the evening will help your body relax and wind-down, too.

Before you get into bed make sure you’ve laid everything out that you need to avoid any morning stresses, like trying to track down a pen that works! Over breakfast and perhaps on your journey to your exam, have a brief, final scan over your revision cards and key points. Trying to learn any major topics this late on won’t be beneficial, you’ll only end up becoming flustered and panicked.

Just remember – you’ve done your revision and know your stuff, so be confident that you can achieve the grades you want.