The Great Iftar Get Together

This month, between the 16th and 18th of June, millions of people across the country will be getting together with their friends, neighbours and communities to share food and celebrate all that we have in common. The ‘Great get together’ event is in memory of Jo Cox MP who lived her life according to the belief that we have more in common than that which divides us. This date marks one year since she was killed but after the recent terrible events, bringing our communities together is even more important than ever before.

To take part, we will be hosting our own ‘Great Get Together’ at Joseph Chamberlain College on Friday 16th June. Our event will be an evening Iftar opportunity for all of our staff, students and their families to meet, discuss and bring along a picnic to share together after sunset. For those who are fasting and for non-Muslim staff and students who may or may not wish to fast for the day, the event will open at 8.30pm in the canteen, quad and garden (weather permitting) and picnics can be shared after sunset to break your fast. Abdul Majeed will lead prayers for those who wish to take part.

Invitations and arrangements will be given in tutorial next week and admission will be by ticket only.

I hope that all will take up this opportunity to celebrate our core values, the things that we have in common and the things that we don’t!