Introducing Great College Libraries

You’ve heard of Great School Libraries, but now get ready for Great College Libraries!

#GreatCollegeLibraries is our new campaign, lead by Olivia Edmonds, our Learning Centre Manager and resident librarian. The focus of the project is to promote why reading for pleasure is still of the utmost importance in a sixth form college learning environment. While #GreatSchoolLibraries became popular last year, we found there was a lack of initiatives to encourage college age students to read for pleasure. Many of us were bookworms as children but it’s easy to let the hobby slide when studying for A Levels requires a lot of academic reading. We want to change that!

So why is reading so important?
  • It’s a life skill – necessary for most jobs and general life admin
  • Strong literacy skills can support and enhance learning across every subject and area of study
  • It builds confidence and self belief
  • It’s an easy means of relaxation that all of our students, and anyone with a library card, has access too
  • It opens the mind to the world beyond your own experiences
  • It’s fun!
What is Great College Libraries?

The campaign is based in the JCC Library and on our Twitter account @JCSFCollegeIt’s aimed at students and staff, both at Joseph Chamberlain and any other colleges who would like to get involved. The main aim of Great School Libraries is to secure more funding, something we are already actively campaigning for with National Colleges Week. In this age of austerity, the education system has already seen huge cuts to funding, so we want to prove that our libraries are still a valuable part of colleges and schools.

We’ll be tweeting our latest book recommendations and reviews, particularly during themed national days such as Holocaust Memorial Day, Anti Bullying Month and National Women’s Day. One of the key aims of the campaign is to encourage reading for pleasure for at least ten minutes every day, so we’d love to hear updates on what you’re reading. Tell us what you’ve recently enjoyed reading and our Bookflix boss Olivia will offer her ‘Suggested For You’ selection.

We’ll also be inviting authors in to give talks to our students and live tweeting their comments.

New features of our student library
  • 2000+ books removed and replaced with newer releases
  • Staff recommended reads
  • Well being collection
  • Bookflix window display
  • A poem a day
  • Author visits
  • 10 minute daily reading challenge
  • Book and Book Blogger of the week

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GreatCollegeLibraries and the brand new logo to get involved.