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Expansion & New Facilities Proposals


Proposed Expansion and New Facilities for JCC!

We are excited to share our plans for expanding the college and investing in new, state of the art facilities which will help us, not only to meet growing demand to study at our popular college, but also to improve the learning environment for existing staff and students.

This page includes details of our proposals and answers to some frequently asked questions about the planning process and next steps.

Why does the college need to expand?

At Joseph Chamberlain College, we are passionate about improving our students’ life chances through progression to higher education. As Birmingham and Solihull’s only Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ college, we are experiencing high demand for our student places, which we are currently unable to meet. We have a waiting list for future students and are committed to providing equal opportunities to all prospective and current students. Therefore, there is an urgent need for expansion of our facilities, which also provides an opportunity to invest in and further improve our learning experience – building on our success and growth to date.

What do the proposals include?

We have carefully considered our plans which include the development of a new teaching building on the existing college site providing 12 full-sized classrooms (where the Multi Use Games Area is currently located), along with a new floodlit multi-use sports pitch and parking facilities at a nearby site off Moseley Road. The location of these sites are shown on the plan.

The investment would create:

  • A new teaching building, including 12 full-sized classrooms and facilities to meet the need for student spaces
  • A new and upgraded sports pitch, which will include a 5-a-side football pitch and toilets
  • Additional staff and visitor parking on the site off Moseley Road to alleviate current parking pressures, and to enable a reduction in the number of vehicles within the main college campus in the future


Next Steps

We are preparing a planning application which will be submitted to Birmingham City Council in the coming weeks for its consideration. Once this application has been submitted, the technical application documents will be available to view, consider and comment on via the Council’s website. The Council will undertake a statutory period of consultation and we invite you to share your feedback during this time.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us via email on jcc@turleysc.com or by calling our Freephone consultation number on 0808 1688 296 and a member of the team will call you back.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have included some responses to frequently asked questions below. If your questions have not been answered, please get in touch via jcc@turleysc.com or 0808 168 8296.

Planning Process and Details

What will be included in the planning application?

We will be submitting one planning application for the new teaching space (on the existing college campus) and a new sports pitch (on land off Moseley Road), along with additional car parking. The planning application will include a number of technical documents which have been undertaken to inform and shape the plans.

Will the application be available to view and comment on?

Once the application has been submitted, the application documents will be available to view on Birmingham City Council’s website. The Council will then undertake a statutory consultation on the application where you can share any feedback you have before a decision is made.

How many more students are expected to join the college?

It is anticipated that, with current growth trends, the student population is likely to increase by 9% in 2021. On completion of the proposed expansion, it is expected that there will be additional 484 students at the college in 2022.

Will there be new staff and, if so, how many?

The College operates with 261 full-time and part-time staff members with 38 casual / seasonal data entry clerks and exam invigilators. This staffing level is expected to increase in line with student numbers.

College Building

What will the new building look like?

The new building would have a feature single-storey entrance pod, facing into the campus – this will become a key component of the college.


What will be included within the new college building?

The new college building will provide additional teaching space to meet the growing demand for student spaces. This will include 12 full-sized classrooms with ancillary facilities.

Sports Pitch

How big will the sports pitch be?

The sports pitch would be a Football Association standard 5-a-side artificial 3G pitch (27 by 37 metres) which would be used for a range of PE activities, including football.

What changing facilities are proposed?

Toilets are proposed for the site of the new sports pitch, however it is intended that students will use changing facilities at the college campus before and after PE.

Will there be flood lighting for the sports pitch?

There would be lighting on the sports pitch. There will be a lighting assessment which takes this into account and will be submitted as part of the planning application.

Has the design of the sports pitch taken site neighbours into account?

We recognise and understand that there are a number of site neighbours who live close to the proposed sports pitch. The layout and proposed use of the sports pitch has been designed to take this into account and reduce possible impacts. This includes locating the pitch as far away from neighbouring buildings as possible, and limiting use of the pitch to college opening hours (7am – 6pm – except during special events such a prize giving ceremonies).


Where will the access be provided to the sports pitch?

Vehicular access would be provided via Moseley Road. It is anticipated that the majority of visitors would visit the new sports pitch as pedestrians from the college campus site.

Will there be an increase in vehicle numbers in the local area?

A detailed highways assessment has been undertaken, which will be submitted in support of the planning application. This takes into account things such as vehicles movements and numbers. The details will be included in a Transport Assessment which will be submitted as part of the planning application.

How many parking spaces are included in the proposals?

The proposals include 131 new car parking spaces at the new sports pitch site off Moseley Road, and 28 existing car parking spaces (including 4 accessible spaces) at the current college campus. The additional parking spaces are intended to alleviate existing pressures, and forms part of a wider strategy to reduce the number of vehicles within the main college campus in the future.

How will students access the sports pitch from the college campus and how will this be managed?

Students would walk to the sports pitch from the college campus. This process would be managed by staff.

Construction and Programme

What are the timescales for the expansion? Will the construction period impact on student learning?

We are keen to ensure construction commences as soon as possible to provide much needed space for new students. It is expected that construction will commence subject to planning permission later this year, with the new college building being finished prior to the start of the academic year in September 2022.

How will the construction process and vehicles be managed?

A Construction Management Plan would be agreed subject to planning permission which would control things such as the movement of construction vehicles and timeframes of building work.