Website Accessibility Statement


Section One: Our Commitment to Accessibility

This website is run by Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College.

We are committed to making digital services that are accessible to everyone, including for users with impairments to their hearing, vision, mobility or learning difficulties.

This website is currently partially compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA.

Users of this website can:

  • Use a screen reader to access most of our written content
  • Enlarge to 200% whilst keeping features functional
  • Enlarge to 400% with all content flowing into one column
  • Use a keyboard instead of a mouse to navigate content
  • Use consistent features that behave in predictable ways
  • Navigate content via purposeful headings and labels
  • Text content is readable and understandable
  • Access our website on different devices

We are continuously improving our digital services. More details of our ongoing processes can be found in Section Three of this statement.

Section Two: Accessibility Tools & Custom Browser Settings

There are third party tools available to help improve the online experience. Provided below are options that will help users to browse online content more easily:

Internet Explorer –

Microsoft Edge –

Google Chrome –

Firefox –

Safari –

Section Three: This Websites Accessibility

  1. How we test the website

We have completed an audit of our website to determine accessible and non-accessible content. By checking a sample of our website pages against the WCAG guidance we have identified areas of non-compliance.

Key aspects for development are:

  • Improving structure and ensuring a meaningful sequence to content
  • Providing descriptive alternative text for images
  • Providing content where text is not only used within an image
  • Providing transcripts or captions for all video content
  • Use of appropriate text and colour contrasts
  • Not using colour alone to distinguish information or links

We have identified our website banner images and providing accessible PDFs that link to content as priority changes.

  1. Ongoing processes

As part of our ongoing processes we have recognised that our digital services need to be rethought. In September 2020 we launched a ‘Multidisciplinary Tender’ which includes a complete rebuild of our website. A key aspect of our new website will be to ensure a positive experience for all users via further compliance with the WCAG guidance.

iii. Third party content

Our website does include links to third party content. We provide this content as it benefits our users and provides key services. However, we cannot guarantee complete accessibility of the following:

  • Forms to gather feedback
  • Links to services and other websites
  • External event booking forms
  • Social media

Section Four: Contact Us

We strive to adhere to the WCAG guidance and to continue to improve aspects of our digital services. We acknowledge not all content is currently accessible.

We welcome requests for alternative formats of our content. Our Marketing Team can be contacted by emailing

To report any accessibility issues with this domain please email us at We appreciate your feedback and will look into making the required changes.

The full WCAG guidelines are available at

This statement was last updated on Monday 21st September 2020.