JCC Boosting Physical Activity

Sport England are investing £5 million into a selection of colleges across England to help them increase rates of physical exercise amongst students.

Due to the College’s positive partnerships with Sport England and AOC Sport in increasing participation in sport and fitness, Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College are one of the colleges in the UK to receive funding from Sport England.

The project will target students with a comprehensive sport and fitness timetable. Some sessions will be offered during the college day, for students who may be unable to stay after college hours. There will be recreational sessions where students will not have to change into sports kit, and the focus will be solely on enjoyment so that all abilities feel welcome. This will sit within the College’s JCC Extra programme, which offers all students a wealth of enrichment activities whilst at College.

The College hopes for all its students to undertake regular physical activity. There will be a variety of sessions: ladies only, men’s only, and mixed. The College will host ice breaker sessions to engage those who wouldn’t come to the sports centre ordinarily. Being active is a brilliant way to improve mental and physical wellbeing.

AOC Sport and Joseph Chamberlain College aspire for every student to be active.