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JCC Extra Freshers’ Fair


Last week, we held our annual JCC Extra Freshers’ Fair. The fair was bursting with extraordinary activities to assist with our students’ curricular and extracurricular learning. They had an incredible opportunity to explore exciting societies, helpful grade boosters, enticing enrichment activities, and fantastic field trips, while expanding their academic horizons with academies and work experience/work-related learning.

With the chance to explore JCC’s spectacular societies, such as the gaming society, the British Sign Language society, and the debating society, as well as other enrichment activities such as preparation for driving theory tests and the creation of our student magazine, we hope our students were able to find the society that suits their interests most and will enrich their JCC experience. Also available were a multitude of amazing academies to expand our students’ learning, such as the sport science academy, health and social care academy, politics academy, and our JCC Griffin Access Programme. We hope our students found the right academy for them to help further nurture their learning.

The JCC Extra Freshers’ Fair also provided our students with the chance to gain insight into some of our most dedicated and integral teams in the college, such as our Nurse Team and our Inclusive Learning Team. Our Inclusive Learning Team ran a ‘speed friending’ event to help our new students break the ice at the fair; we hope some of our students were able to start some lifelong friendships here.

Overall, we hope our students had a phenomenal time at the JCC Extra Freshers’ Fair, whether they started lifelong friendships, took some fantastic photographs, expressed interest in an enriching society, found an academy that will catalyse their learning, or all of the above. We look forward to seeing what the year has in store for us all at JCC.