JCC to host Debating Matters Birmingham Championship

Joseph Chamberlain College is delighted to be hosting this year’s Debating Matters Birmingham Championship on 4th July 2018.

Twelve schools will have the opportunity to battle it out for the crown of Debating Matters Birmingham Champions as they tackle a range of difficult topics over the course of a rigorous day of debate.

Tom Williams, Learning Leader (Wider Learning), said of the college’s support for the Debating Matters Birmingham Championship:

“Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College is delighted to support Debate Matters in this next round of the regional championships. Debate, public speaking, and promotion of listening play a crucial part in the development of our young people into active members of society. Equally, topics for debate chosen by the experts at the Academy of Ideas will demand an engagement with important ethical issues facing all of our futures.”

Claire Fox, director of the Academy of Ideas, said:

“The competition prides itself on taking young people seriously, valuing ideas and allowing free debate. Some of the brightest and best students in the Midlands will be taken out of their comfort zone by tackling the contemporary issues we have in store for them. We’re delighted to be able to work with Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College, a fantastic educational institution that is commendable in its commitment to the importance of free debate and constructive criticism to the development of young minds. All of us at the Academy of Ideas cannot wait to hear what Birmingham’s young people think about these big ideas.”

If you’re a school interested in taking part in this fantastic event, fill out the application form here and return to:

Academy of Ideas Ltd
Signet House
49/51 Farringdon Road



All enquiries should be mate to Debate Matters directly too.