JCC Languages Forum

As part of Joseph Chamberlain College’s embracement of the diversity of backgrounds and cultures among its learners, the College recently launched the first of many meetings of the JCC Languages Forum.

The fortnightly Forum provides students who speak an additional language a unique opportunity to develop their verbal skills. Meetings are centred around intensive conversation, giving students whose native language may not be English the chance to converse with other students who are fluent in the same language.

Tony Day, Deputy Principal at Joseph Chamberlain, was delighted to see the first Forum so well received:

“I am really pleased that the first meeting of the JCC Languages Forum was such a success. We are really proud of the diversity that exists within our college and the new JCC Language Forum is one of our latest ways of celebrating the wide range of backgrounds and cultures that characterise JCC. We recognise how invaluable fluency in more than one language is for success in the future and this is why we offer our students the opportunity to be entered for additional academic qualifications in Italian, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Mandarin, Arabic and Urdu.”

After a fantastic start, the College very much look forward to developing the Forum further.