Joseph Chamberlain College’s second Careers Fair is a success!

On Friday 7th April Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College hosted its second Careers Fair – a unique and personal event unlike any other throughout Birmingham. The College opened its doors to over 70 professionals, who spoke to the College’s students about their own careers and the day to day work involved in their particular role. The aim of the Careers Fair was to inform over 800 first year students of the array of career paths open to them and to help them consider their options post-College.

Professionals from all sectors and industries kindly offered an afternoon from their busy schedules to discuss the ins and outs of their industries, qualification requirements and provide advice for students interested in entering their fields. There were visits from midwives, radiographers, lawyers, judges, engineers, science technicians and many more.

In a change to the usual style of Fair, professionals had their own classroom where they would host in-depth talks to groups of students. Each student had the opportunity to visit four different speakers of their choice and gain valuable insights into a range of possible career paths for when they leave College.

Last year, the College’s Careers Officer, Jasvinder Lall, received The Quality Award in Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) at Gold standard; the highest accreditation available.

This event has proved to be useful and exciting for students and many came out saying that they had discovered new careers that they hadn’t thought of before. There was fantastic feedback from both professionals and students who commented on the organisation and originality of the day.

The College looks forward to hosting its third Careers Fair on the 29th March 2018.