National Careers Week 2020

Last week we were treated to a series of talks for National Careers Week! Our Careers and Work Experience Coordinator, Jasvinder, brought in specialists to talk us through various courses, fields of study and opportunities for the future.

Applied Humanities

First, we heard about Newman University’s brand-new Applied Humanities BA. This is a trans-disciplinary 2 year degree which covers Literature, History, Law and more. The course is designed to supply a wide range of knowledge and train students in their analytical and critical thinking. Newman work in conjunction with charities and local organisations such as the Bournville Village Trust and the anti-racism group Kick it Out. These connections open the door for Summer placements and first-hand case studies.

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Routes into Teaching

Later in the day, Newman University helped our students through the various ‘Routes into Teaching’. An ex-head of sixth form, David Handy, took us through the realities of being a teacher. He separated the fact from the fiction and gave our students invaluable insight to the lifestyle, workload and rewards of a career in teaching.

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Biomedical Studies

On Tuesday, we welcomed Coventry University for a fascinating talk on Biomedical courses. Industry experts explained the variety of courses on offer to our students, and ran through what was special about each one. Don’t worry if you can’t decide though! Coventry Uni operates a combined first year which encompasses all three of their Biomedical degrees. This means that after a year of study, you can decide which area interested you most. The doors are open!

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Law and Criminology

As the week went on we welcomed back Newman University for advice on studying Law and Criminology. Our students had their minds put at ease by the informative session. We had our eyes opened to the versatility of a Law degree, you don’t have to become a Lawyer! And to the fascinating benefits of studying such a socially conscious and consistently relevant field.

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Coventry University came back to talk about the fantastic range of careers available in Healthcare. Our students asked about careers in Nursing, Midwifery, Occupational Therapy, and even becoming Paramedics. The future is bright for our aspiring Healthcare workers!

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Sports Sciences

Coventry University rounded off the week with a brilliant talk on sports degrees and careers. We heard all about sports therapy, training and fitness, and how anyone can turn their passion for sport into an illustrious career.

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Careers Week was a huge success this year. We couldn’t have been happier with the talks that we heard, the questions we had answered and the ideas presented for our future. We’ve come away with a greater understanding of our goals, and plenty of food for thought!

Thank you very much to Coventry University and Newman University for your time, knowledge and advice.