Exclusive National Citizen Service Programme for JCC Students

The National Citizen Service (NCS) has been working with the College to deliver JCC only activities!

This term we have teamed up with NCS to recruit students for two exclusive JCC programmes. The first took place during October half term and the second in December. The two day itinerary includes a day of outdoor activities and a day of leadership and communication workshops. This new model has been introduced to maintain social distancing. However, all the fun, skills building and confidence boosting opportunities are still an integral part of the NCS experience.

Students have shared their feedback on the opportunity:

“I’m glad its exclusively just for Joseph Chamberlain and it’s something that we need to help us with personal statements and to develop us as people. I think it’s a great offer for students at the college and its certainly had an impact on me. I would be interested in working on NCS as a Team Leader in the future.”
“First day was fun and it was good to get out and challenge ourselves physically, the second day focused on public speaking which I found useful, as communication is such an important skill especially when it comes to getting jobs and interviewing in general. I’ve enjoyed the focus on project management and leadership in the final day, as well as the chance to look at some of the big social issues that face youth people today.”
“It is a great opportunity and I think it has something to offer lots of different students looking to move on from Further Education.”