New Student Tips from Academic Learning Coaches

Welcome to everyone who has joined JCC for the new academic year, and welcome back to our lovely returners! The autumn term is now in full swing and we hope you’re all settling in to College life well. Adjusting from the routine of school to the independence of sixth form can be tricky, so our Academic Learning Coaches have rounded up their top tips for making the most of your time at JCC:

  • Don’t be afraid to sit next to a new face in class and start talking. It may seem like a bold move, but that person will be delighted to talk to someone new too.
  • Throw yourself into college life and try something new. You don’t know until you’ve tried! Getting into the habit of being socially independent stands you in great stead for if you go to University. Don’t miss out on opportunities because you’re worried about the results.
  • Keep on top of work, coursework and revision are much easier when done bit-by-bit rather than starting from scratch in exam season.
  • Work in your free periods. It’s easier at College where you’re surrounded by help and resources than struggling at home.
  • Ask for help! Whether it’s about specific subjects, study skills, or personal issues, the college is full of staff to help you.
  • Watch YouTube videos on getting organised, making notes, and studying.  They’ll motivate you for the year ahead and introduce you to new ways of working.
  • Challenge yourself to be confident enough to ask questions. Everyone you meet can teach you something new, and you them. You’ll also be helping classmates who aren’t confident enough to ask the same question.
  • Appreciate how awesome your access to free education. Once you leave college, education and social activities can become expensive, so make the most of every opportunity available now.
  • Always make time for your friends and family.
  • Organise your time in the first few weeks at College and make studying part of your routine early on. That way, you’ll be accustomed to a larger workload, and will find it easier to manage the added pressure around exam season
  • Be open to new experiences. JCC Extra activities are a great way to make new friends, and also look great on personal statements and job applications.
  • Read for pleasure as well as academically. It’ll broaden your world view and vocabulary, which in turn boosts your academic potential.

Don’t forget you can visit the Academic Learning Coaches at any time in the Library for help and support with anything subject, coursework or exam related. Our Learning Centre Manager, Olivia, is always happy to recommend new books too.