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Please click here for information regarding webinars for Parents/Carers throughout September/October 2022.

This webinar series is specially tailored for parents/carers of adolescents, in collaboration with the Schools and Colleges Early Support Service. Five topics have been chosen to reflect core developmental processes in adolescence, and common difficulties parents/carers can struggle with. The content is psychoeducational, strategy-based, and solution-focused.

The webinars will cover the following topics:

• Adolescent self–harm: how to make sense of it and when to seek support
• Building resilience, staying connected and nurturing your relationship with your teen
• Managing teen behaviour that challenges: tips and tricks
• Weathering the storms of strong teen emotions: do’s, don’ts and when to consider talking to someone
• Anxiety in adolescence: how can parents help?

Further details on each webinar (including dates, times, and how to register) can be found by clicking the link above.