What is the role of my child’s progress tutor?

All students are assigned to a Personal Progress Tutor, who will monitor their academic progress and support your child throughout their time at Joseph Chamberlain College. Their tutor will have an overview of their academic and personal development and ensure that they are achieving academically.

All students will have frequent conversations with their Personal Progress Tutor, including weekly group tutorials and regular one-to-one sessions, as part of the College progress monitoring process. You will receive a Progress Monitoring Report about your child’s progress in March and November, alongside Parent and Carer Evenings.

For more information, see our section on Progress Tutors.

What if my child is absent?

We believe that excellent attendance is key to your child’s success here at JCC. It is each student’s responsibility to maintain a high attendance rate and to arrive promptly for lessons. Your child’s Progress Tutor will review their attendance and will discuss any difficulties or concerns relating to attendance or punctuality. Some absences are permitted, see our Attendance page for full details on absences.

What is the bursary fund?

If you have a low household income, your child can apply to the College’s Student Finance Bursary scheme. This is open to students who may be at risk of leaving the College due to financial hardship. A Bursary is a payment to cover costs associated with learning. To receive support, students must have 95% attendance, satisfactory behaviour, and meet one of a number of criteria. For more information, see our Student Finance page

How  does the college safeguard students?

At JCC, we are committed to the highest standards in protecting and safeguarding the students in our care. All students are allocated tutor groups, each with a Personal Tutor, to provide all students with at least one member of staff that can get to know them as individuals and take responsibility for: overseeing the academic progress of students in their care, for their general support and for setting high standards and conveying the tone and atmosphere of the College. In addition to tutors, the College has professional counsellors to provide support to students.

Students are encouraged to report any safeguarding concerns to their tutor, an Assistant Principal or directly to the Principal. We recognise that some students may be the victims of neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, and staff working with students are well placed to identify such abuse.

We do not tolerate bullying, harassment or victimisation of any kind at our College. In the unlikely event this occurs, all staff and students should report it, safe in the knowledge that incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively.

If you have any concerns, please contact your child’s progress tutor or our Vice Principal, Jo Lawrence.

For more information, see our Safeguarding Policy.

Is there a student dress code?

There is not an official uniform, but we expect all of our students to dress sensibly.

How are activities and trips funded?

We try to keep additional costs to students and their parents at a minimum at all times. However, they may be occasions when specific equipment needs to be purchased for a particular subject or when a contribution towards a trip is necessary. At all times, we will keep costs as low as possible and try to access the College’s bursary fund on behalf of eligible students.