National Citizen Service Programme

A message from the National Citizen Service for JCC parents:

The National Citizen Service is a summer programme for young people aged 15-17. We are offering this exciting opportunity for your young person at Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College which is recognised by Universities and employers across the UK.

By taking part in NCS your young person will benefit from having the opportunity to try new activities, gain life skills living independently and make their own independent project. NCS is broken down into four different phases:

Phase 1:

We will be taking the participants to PGL Liddington to do a range of outdoor activities. During this part of the programme the young people gain valuable skills such as team work, time management and building their confidence as an individual. We will bring them home for 2 days rest at the end of 5 days away.

Phase 2:

They will be staying at University accommodation in Birmingham or Wolverhampton, where they will have the opportunity to learn how to live independently. They will be planning and cooking their own meals for the week, we will be providing the cooking equipment and food. There are usually about 6 people per flat. In the daytime we will be putting on skills workshops such as public speaking. These tangible skills they will require in their careers or during University studies and can add to their CVs or University applications.

Phase 3:

The young people will be tasked with making their own passion project. They will have to assign each member of the team a responsibility, such as team leader or finance manager. NCS staff will take a step back to ensure that the young people are putting their best foot forward and building on their transferable skills and confidence.

Phase 4:

We will invite you and your young person to a graduation ceremony to celebrate all of their achievements. Each NCS graduate will receive a certificate that is signed by the Prime Minister as a record of their achievements.

Each place on NCS is worth £1500, however we only ask for a small contribution of £50. However, we do offer bursaries so everyone can take part in NCS. To read more information, sign up your young person or get in contact please visit or call us on 0121 766 1303.

We will be visiting Joseph Chamberlain College on Wednesday 18th March to talk to students about the programme. For more information about dates and a girl only programme please download the attached parent and guardian letter here.