Personal Progress Tutors

Moving from a school to a sixth form college can be both exciting and daunting, so we aim to ensure that all students who join Joseph Chamberlain College have the individual support they need.

At JCC, we offer one-to-one support for all students. One of the main sources of support and advice for your child will be their Personal Progress Tutor (PPT).

When students join us, they are assigned to a PPT, who will monitor their academic progress and support the student throughout their time at Joseph Chamberlain College.

Your child’s Personal Progress Tutor will have an overview of their academic and personal development and ensure that they are achieving academically. Your child will meet with them each week and will have regular one-to-one meetings to talk exclusively about their progress. As well as supporting them academically through settings targets and tracking their progress, the Personal Progress Tutor is also there to help your child settle into the College and will ensure that they feel supported to face the challenges they experience in this critical time of their life. The role of the PPT is central to everything students do.

Your child will have a range of informal and formal conversations with their Personal Progress Tutor, including weekly group tutorials and regular one-to-one sessions as part of the College progress monitoring process. Twice a year, they will sit down formally with each of their teachers to discuss their progress. These interviews will allow your child to be clear on how you are performing in each subject and provide them with clear targets so you can move to the next grade. After your child has had the chance to discuss their progress with all of their subject teachers, they will have an extended interview with their Personal Progress Tutor to discuss overall progress.

You will receive a Progress Monitoring Report about your child’s progress in November and March, with a Parents and Carers Evening in Feburary.