Attendance & Punctuality


Attendance should be a priority for students and their carers. A strong attendance rate will serve as an advantage in the future when applying to jobs and universities. However, we understand that unavoidable circumstances sometimes occur. In these cases, please inform the college as soon as possible.

Planned Absences

Prior to the planned absence, students should visit their tutor, taking any evidence they can provide. They will be advised whether their absence will be classed as a permitted or unauthorised absence and given any necessary work to catch up on.

Unplanned Absences

Ring the College on 01214462200, stating your child’s name, date of birth, reason for absence, and the dates they will be off college (if known).


If students arrive late, they should go straight to class, where they will be marked as late. They should speak to their teacher at the end of the class to explain the reason for their lateness and check that they have not been marked as absent. If students are late to class on a regular basis, this will be discussed with their Progress Tutor and further action may be taken accordingly.