Young Carers

Joseph Chamberlain College acknowledges that some students act as young carers and consequently have extra responsibility for the welfare a parent, sibling or extended family member.  The college is committed to helping these students  balance their study and caring commitments and will do this in several ways.

  • If appropriate, communicate with student’s feeder school for an initial handover.
  • Provide confidential advice and emotional support to help with their caring role.
  • Provide guidance and support with bursary applications
  • Agree with the student an ongoing Support Plan.
  • Meet with students regularly to provide ongoing support.
  • Issue students with a Young Carers Card
  • Help access external support services, such as YMCA or Spurgeons or mental health and wellbeing services.

Further information can be sourced by talking to the College’s Safeguarding Officer on 0121 4462214 or visit