Politics Guest Speakers

Our Head of Teaching, Learning and Assessment for Academic Studies, Sinead Martin, organised some very exciting events for our A-Level Politics students. Four phenomenal guest speakers came to visit us at JCC and talk to our A-Level Politics students; these were Councillor Sharon Thompson, Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, Tahir Ali MP, and Mr Khalid Mahmood MP.

These talks were informative, inspiring, and intellectually stimulating. Tahir Ali discussed many aspects of his job in order to educate our students; he spoke about his participation in Lord’s discussions, his belief in the right to a peaceful protest, and the most important part of his job, that being keeping in contact with constituents. Tahir Ali discussed how much he enjoys his job and that he joined his party for the working class, as he is part of the working class himself. He was an inspiration to our students, catalysing their desire to progress in Politics.

Mr Khalid Mahmood shed light upon the obstacles he faced through his journey into Politics and gave our students some sound advice that will help them tread their political paths further, that being, ‘always enjoy what you do’.

Councillor Sharon Thompson explained what a Councillor does and the process of joining a party. She delved into her interest in homelessness and the ways in which we can deal with the issue. Councillor Sharon Thompson also discussed how she became an expert solely through experience.

Overall, all of the guest speakers provided invaluable information and excellent advice to our students, and we thank them for joining us at JCC. Our A-Level politics students left each talk filled with inspiration and a desire to achieve.