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The Best Websites and Apps to Boost Revision

  • The Student Room: The Student Room is possibly the most useful website for students available. You can ask questions to real students and access hundreds of revision resources. All threads remain on the website so there are already thousands of answers to questions ranging from GCSE to PhD level, graduate jobs, apprenticeships and everything in between. It also has past personal statements to help your UCAS application, as well as dedicated university profiles.
  • Get Revising: Get Revising has hundreds of revision resources for a variety of different subjects, from GCSE to university. Most of the resources are created by students so are tried and tested! Many have been rated by other users to ensure quality content, but you can also create your own resources and upload them for others to use. You can also create revision timetables on the site.
  • SparkNotes: Sparknotes is the perfect English coursework helper, with detailed analysis for hundreds of different books, plays, politics and texts. It has a modern-day English translation for every Shakespeare play displayed next to the original text.
  • Revision World: Revision World has many resources, particularly within the Sciences and Mathematics. You can also create your own timetable, access revision resources and watch helpful videos.
  • S-Cool: S-Cool provides resources for a range of subjects and has tips on how to attain an A* grade as well as university application advice.
  • Gojimo: Gojimo has access to thousands of revision questions for major subjects. The perfect app for testing your knowledge towards the end of your revision.
  • Mindly (Android) / iMindMap (Apple): Mind mapping tools perfect for revision when you are away from your desk.
  • AnkiDroid Flashcards (Android) / Flashcards+ (Apple): Easy to use apps allowing you to create individual flashcards, as well as stacks for specific subjects. Most useful for subjects where specific theories are used, such as Psychology or Sociology. Use towards the end of your revision to retrieve knowledge tucked away at the back of your mind,
  • Quizlet: Quizlet is a cross between a flashcard and quiz tool. You can create sets of terms and definitions to create quizzes, games and other resources where you can match definitions to their terms. A fun way to revise with friends and get a little creative with your learning!