Action photo of a Macbeth fight scene

Shakespeare Schools Festival

As part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival 2019, we partnered with the Birmingham Theatre School to perform Macbeth and The Tempest.

For two days, Joseph Chamberlain College opened its doors to local school pupils to perform plays which they will be studying as part of their English GCSE. In the evening, the shows were opened to the general public.

The talented cast included both our Performing Arts diploma students and professional actors from the BTS. Macbeth (Enoch White) and Lady Macbeth (Megan Oberg Perks) stole the show with their intense performances and dark monologues. Director Chriz Rozanski did an outstanding job of re-imagining the play while retaining the heart of Shakespeare’s classic, and Peter Hammond’s original music compilation perfectly set the scene of the Middle East. In The Tempest, the chemistry between Mollie Busby as Prospero and Kate Prince as Miranda had the audience absolutely captivated. Choreography by our performing arts teacher, Abi Harvey, brought the scenes to life beyond a minimal set and transported the crowd to Prospero’s deserted island.

The Tempest

“On a faraway island, a father waits, time is running out. Deposed from his dukedom, power and influence, Prospero and his daughter, Miranda, have been castaway and left for dead. 12 years on and nothing is what it seems. This is no ordinary island, and Prospero is no ordinary man. Is he a magician, philosopher or scientist? Saviour, enslaver or survivor? When a sail appears on the horizon, it’s shipwrecked by a horrific tempest. On-board are all the men responsible for Prospero’s abasement, now washed ashore at his mercy. When they wake, they find they are lost on a wondrous island, where nothing is as it appears to be. Exploring themes of paternity, justice, legacy and mortality, this fresh look at Shakespeare’s play shows us why, 405 years on, this story continues to inspire contemporary audiences. His final story about life, the universe and everything in it.”

– Chris Rozanski, Director

Full cat of the tempest posing on set


“Picture a society where law and order is breaking down, democracy is all but a dream and the rule of war is the norm. Shakespeare’s Macbeth is set in the 21st century Middle East, where tribal loyalties run deep and corruption is rife. The civil war in Syria is the legacy of the war on terror and fear and power go hand in hand. This timeless classic has for centuries been retold and re-imagined; Macbeth the ruler, Macbeth the tyrant, Macbeth the dictator. This is Macbeth’s world. A glimpse of the burning oil fields and destruction, the new set of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy.”

– Chris Rozanski, Director

Performing Arts HNC/HND

We’ve been working with the Birmingham Theatre School for a number of years to create many fantastic drama productions. We’re delighted to be continuing this partnership though our brand new Performing Arts (Acting) HNC and HND courses. An alternative to the traditional university route, this degree course is ideally suited for students who would prefer to study closer to home, avoid expensive tuition fees and benefit from more one on one contact hours. The Birmingham Theatre School have trained many professional actors over the years and will be joined by JCC’s qualified performing arts staff to provide the course. For the full details on the new course, click here and to sign up to our Higher Education Open Day, click the banner below.

Higher education open evening, May 9th 2019