Student Council Celebrate World Hijab Day

The Student Council have created a fantastic resource celebrating World Hijab Day, taking place Monday 1st February 2021.

World Hijab Day is an annual celebration recognising Muslim women across the world who choose to wear the hijab. This year a committee of students have come together to share their views on why they wear the hijab and what it means to them.

This project was a collaboration between members of the Student Council Public Relations team and Equality & Diversity team. Through online discussions the committee decided their vision for World Hijab Day was to represent:

  • Self love
  • Empowerment 
  • Celebration

The final resource created can be found here and includes quotes, photos and a picture tutorial from Student Council President Asfa Batool.

“When people see a hijabi, they think of RESTRICTIONS. When I wear it I feel beautiful, dignified, and confident to challenge all those stigmas.” Nahida Ahmed, Student Council Equality & Diversity Officer.
“The Hijab doesn’t deter women from achieving their dreams or goals, rather it is a symbol of modesty and strength, and makes us feel this sense of pride and agency.” Anisa Alam Khan, Student Council Public Relations Officer.
“My Hijab makes me feel proud and happy to be a Muslim.” Muminah Ghafoor, Student Council Learning & Teaching Officer.
“My hijab is something very special to me, I feel protected when I wear it on and without it I feel incomplete. It is not only a physical covering but a spiritual one too.” Sehrish Shirazi.

A huge thank you to the contributors who made this project happen: Hajrah Rehman, Anisa Alam Khan, Nahida Ahmed, Asfa Batool, Muminah Ghafoor and Sehrish Shirazi.