Student Council 2019/20 Election Results

We are delighted to announce the next Student Council for 2019/20!

Following two weeks of Presidential campaigning, posters and speeches, over 900 students voted for their chosen JCC President. The winning candidates taking post as Student Presidents in September are Iqra Malik and Abbas Hussain. In the election, Abbas lobbied for recycling incentive schemes and more variety in the canteen. Iqra’s key promises are around events and new experiences for students.

All Presidential candidates ran impressive campaigns and have been awarded with key roles on the Student Council. Shareen Faraz and Shahrauz Mughal are the Presidential runners up and take the role of Deputy Presidents. Soha Mumtaz is our next General Secretary and Unbreen Sharif as Learning and Teaching Officer.

A further 21 students have been appointed in roles across the council. All applicants took part in a group interview where they completed a desert island survival task and a discussion about College life. New ideas to watch out for are a haunted house event in October, even more celebration of diversity and developing student led social media.

At the election results, we were joined by graduating Charity Officers, Anam Ali and Noreen Talib, who presented St. Basil’s youth homelessness charity with a giant cheque for £1607.04! Azim Salam, Business and Communities Executive from the charity, collected the cheque and thanked students and staff for their generosity. Azim also shared he had been a JCC student in 1988 before studying Politics at Birmingham City University.

2018/19 has been an incredible year for the JCC Student Council and we are excited to get started with the next cohort on new projects. Check back in September when we will release full interviews with the Presidents and their plans for the year ahead!