Student Council Release Statement for International Women’s Day

The Student Council Public Relations Team have released a statement and series of posters to recognise International Women’s Day 2021.

This academic year, global events and news stories have become central discussions at our Student Council Executive meetings. This influence can be seen in many of the projects initiated by our Student Council 2020/21. International events and universal experiences such as the Black Lives Matter campaign, World Hijab Day and now, International Women’s Day have been transformed into student led projects. Hajrah Rehman, Senior Public Relations Officer, shares her art work and words reflecting on the Choose to Challenge theme.

As women, we come together from around the world to celebrate International Women’s Day. We fight for women and what amazing and important things we have done and brought to this world.
This year’s theme is “Choose To Challenge”. Women around the world and also men join in and choose to challenge gender bias and inequality!
As a college we celebrate women’s achievements and treat everyone equally regardless of gender. So join us and raise your hand and Choose To Challenge.
Hajrah Rehman, Student Council Senior Public Relations Officer.