Enrolment 2021

Once again, congratulations on being offered a place to study at Joseph Chamberlain College.

Personal enrolment appointment at Joseph Chamberlain College will take place on Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th August. If you have been offered a place at Joseph Chamberlain College but not yet received an appointment letter, please contact info@jcc.ac.uk

On the day, it is important that you arrive promptly and enter the College via the main entrance Belgrave Middleway and then you will be directed. To ensure safety of all students and staff this year, we will restrict the number of visitors on site, so we ask that you do not arrive early and that you leave the site as soon as your enrolment is complete. The process is likely to take around 45 minutes. Parents or siblings will not be able to attend the appointment and will not be able to wait on College premises. These measures are to ensure social distancing can be maintained.

To enrol, you must bring the following information with you:

1.Your enrolment letter (or a scan of it on your phone) ‐ show it at reception on arrival. It will act as your ID and proof of your appointment.

2.Your GCSE results document provided by your School and certificates for any exams you have taken or grades that have been awarded. (We will not be able to enrol you without valid evidence of results.  This should include all GCSE, BTECs and any other qualifications achieved).

3.If we have not received your school reference at interview, we will require to see the reference at enrolment.

In the meantime, if you have not already done so, please see all of the New Student information on our website www.jcc.ac.uk/nswd and complete your summer preparation tasks.


If you have not applied yet, the online application are now open and applications will be considered on a case by case basis. However, given the number of students who have already been offered places, only a limited number of course choices will be available for suitable candidates. If you are offered an enrolment appointment, you must bring along evidence of GCSE grades and a reference from school.

Step by step guide to submitting a late application:

Step 1 – Please check your results and that you meet subject entrance criteria for entry requirements for available courses. Entry requirements can be found at www.jcc.ac.uk/students/pastoral/entry-requirements/

Step 2 – Apply on our website from Thursday 26th August at www.jcc.ac.uk

Step 3 – Make sure you have a current reference from your school. We will be unable interview you without a reference from your previous school.

Step 4 – If your application indicates you will meet our entry criteria, we will email you to invite you to an interview. At the interview we will discuss your application and your subject choices.

Step 5 – When you come in for your interview make sure you bring with you the Results Statement for all the qualifications you have taken.