The High Achievers’ Programme

At Joseph Chamberlain College, we are committed to making sure every student stretches themselves both academically and personally. We have additional support available to those with particular academic ability, to ensure they achieve their full potential.

Students who have achieved a high number of grade 8/9 GCSEs will be invited to join our High Achievers’ Programme. Students who have a specific creative talent (e.g. Art or Drama) can also benefit from additional support.

At enrolment, high-achieving students meet with our teaching team to discuss their A-level choices in relation to progression to competitive universities. Guidance and support continues throughout the two years of study at college to ensure students are well prepared for university application, study and employment opportunities. There is additional support and guidance for potential applicants for Oxbridge, Russell Group, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Sciences, as well as preparation for traineeships.

The High Achievers’ Programme offers academic support, access to additional courses, enrichment and events that provide the best possible preparation for entry to the most competitive universities and careers. We ensure students are engaged in stimulating activities and challenges that allow them to work both independently and collaboratively on academic and enrichment-based projects.

Under the High Achievers’ Programme, we offer a range of academic and enrichment opportunities:
• UK Senior Maths Challenge
• Model United Nations
• Debating Society
• Student Council
• Preparation sessions for additional admissions tests, e.g. BMAT & UKCAT for Medicine, LNAT for Law, TSA & STEP for Maths etc.
• Stretch & challenge work with subject teachers
• Russell Group university master classes
• Community volunteering
• International fundraising
• Peer mentoring
• Sports teams
• Focused study skills sessions
• College for International Citizenship
• Legal Society