Student Council

At Joseph Chamberlain College, we are passionate about the democratic involvement of our students in the running of the College, and we want our students to help us shape our future direction. One of the ways in which our students can report directly to our Senior Leadership is our Student Council. Each tutor group in the College elects a representative to the Council. Three times a year, they will meet and communicate the views of their peers to the wider student council.

Our council has one A Level and one BTEC president, voted for by the student body. The Student Council is led by the Student Executive, consisting of the two presidents and other officers whose positions are filled through competitive interviews.

As well as communicating suggestions or concerns, the Student Council take the lead in organising a number of student events. The Snow Ball at the end of first term, a celebration for Eid Mela, an annual talent show and the Leavers’ Prom.