Our Expectations (The JCC 10)

The JCC 10

As a student of Joseph Chamberlain College you agree to:
1. Have high expectations of yourself and be prepared to work hard at all times

You are at Joseph Chamberlain because we believe you are a young adult that has what it takes to achieve your potential – don’t waste this opportunity!

2. Attend 100% of your lessons on time and with the correct equipment

We expect you to attend all of your lessons, tutorials, JCC Extra activities and any other interviews and appointments. Any absences should be reported and explained, and your attendance will be closely monitored. We expect you to be punctual to all of your lessons, tutorials, JCC Extra activities and any other interviews and appointments. Any lateness should be explained.

3. Behave appropriately in class and around College

At Joseph Chamberlain College, we take the safety of our students very seriously. Ensure you follow the health and safety guidance, keeping yourself and others safe throughout the College.

4. Treat all fellow students and all staff at the College with care and respect

We expect you to treat all other students, staff and the public with respect and courtesy. We expect you to be tolerant of other people’s views and to comply with our code of conduct. Be aware that you represent JCC at all times, not just on the College premises.

5. Be proud of the work you complete and ensure you meet all deadlines set by your teachers

If you are having a difficulty in meeting a deadline, then talk to your teacher.

6. Follow all College rules on safety and wear your lanyard at all times

To make sure the College is a safe environment for everyone, you should always wear your lanyard and follow all health and safety guidance.

7. Take responsibility for your own learning and use your study periods effectively to improve your grades

Don’t take your study periods for granted – they are there to give you extra time to study, so use them effectively.

8. Book holidays outside of term time

Taking a holiday during term time will impact on your studies and academic performance, and as such, will not be accepted by the College.

9. Balance any part-time work sensibly with your studies

While getting a part-time job is a great experience, your work life should never interfere with your studies i.e. it should not be during College hours and we recommend no more than 8 hours per week.

10. Make a commitment to your success in the future and the wide range of extra opportunities available to you as part of ‘JCC Extra’

All students are expected to take part in enrichment activities alongside your academic studies. Our JCC programme is designed to help you develop your personal skills, stretch and challenge you academically, support your studies and perhaps spark a new interest.