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Tech Week

Recently, Joseph Chamberlain College hosted ‘Tech Week’,  an exciting week where visitors from different sectors in the tech industry went into the college to educate and inspire their students. On the first day, the college welcomed Barney and Chris from Third Kind Games, Daniel and Lana from The Brum Muse, and Oliver from Reeves Media. Each of these employers discussed the industries that they represent, those being gaming, social media, and graphic design, respectively, and set the college’s students a task in each of these fields to present at the end of Tech Week. Every employer also gave a talk to educate the college’s students further in these fields; Barney and Chris spoke about the gaming industry and the wide array of jobs within it, Daniel and Lana discussed social media and how to use it to promote a business or within a marketing role, and Oliver talked about the field of graphic design and what a career in the field would involve, along with tips on how to create a good design.

Day two of Tech Week at Joseph Chamberlain College brought a focus on gaming. The brilliant team from Staffordshire University visited the college to share their own specialist knowledge of the gaming industry as well as the courses they offer in this sector, including an impressive display of their current students’ work. They went on to support the college’s students who were working towards their first task around gaming ahead of their end-of-week presentations.

On the third day of the college’s Tech Week, Rizwan and James from The Development Manager, Laura from AND Digital, and Mike, Mariana, and James from Boardrm went into the college to help educate and inspire their students further during Tech Week, assisting them with their social media task alongside giving valuable talks on apprenticeships, job applications, and the social media industry as a whole. Rizwan and James also spoke about social media in digital marketing and helped the students prepare for their final social media presentations at the end of Tech Week.

The fourth day of Tech Week saw some incredible representatives from Reeves Media, CoreConnect HR, and Coventry University visit the college. These employers gave a fantastic talk on graphic design and the opportunities within it, as well as aiding the students with the graphic design task they were set earlier in the week in preparation for their end-of-week presentation.

Various employers that helped the college’s students throughout the week revisited Joseph Chamberlain College on the final day of Tech Week; they watched the college’s students present their responses to the tasks they were set at the start of the week and gave some valuable feedback on how the students could improve if they choose to take these ideas further, and also what they did well.

One of the employers, James, said he “enjoyed talking to the students; they were engaged and listened well.” Another employer said that Tech Week as a whole was a “great opportunity for the students.”

Joseph Chamberlain College would like to thank every employer who visited them, making Tech Week an outstanding success and helping their students grow further.