Term One Highlights From Our Teachers!

Each department has shared with us the highlights of their first term!

Each of our curriculum departments have shared their good news stories. The highlights submitted by each area really capture the amazing teaching, support and motivation our students receive from their teachers. Not only are lessons exciting and relatable to the real world, students also have access to wider opportunities – some on an international stage!

Business students have been holding Zoom interviews with award-winning entrepreneurs, CEOs and a Head of Communications. Students have also engaged in the department’s Student Media Guide, allowing them to take their learning and enjoyment of the subject further with television shows, movies and podcasts.

Science students have completed 506 practical experiments so far this academic year! With some weeks seeing more than 60 practical lessons taking place.

The new clinical skills classroom in the Health and Social Care department is giving students a hands on experience of an industry setting. This replica hospital is an ideal space for practising key tasks like making a hospital bed, bathing patients, recording blood pressure, BMI and uranalysis.

Every subject in the Humanities department, including History, Politics and Geography, has successfully recorded lessons; offering live lesson interaction and even participation in virtual fieldwork!

Second year Law students have been diving into some relevant and thorny legal issues. Including independent research into areas of Law which they find to be important or particularly of interest. For example, the legal impact of building cladding in the wake of the Grenfell Tower and also into asbestos related cancers.

Maths students entered the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge. 18 budding mathematicians took part with 5 students obtaining a Bronze Certificate (top 50% internationally) and 4 students achieved a silver certificate (top 20% internationally).

The Art department have showcased student work in a range of pop up exhibitions! Including the Urban Sightings photography project of locations in Digbeth.

The English department are running narrative and storytelling projects. Giving students the opportunity to get involved in a research project with the University of Birmingham and a story exchange project with an organisation called Narrative 4.

The PE and Sports department have been successful with an application to become an AoC Sport Leadership Academy. Several students have been appointed as Ambassadors and are working to promote the participation of female students and students with disabilities. As well as projects that promote mental wellbeing and local opportunities. Students are currently being given bespoke training by sector leading experts.

Religious Studies students have made a super start to their study of Philosophy this term. AS students have been creating solutions to ultimate questions concerning the nature and existence of evil and discussing solutions to the theological issues posed by suffering. A Level students have considered the question as to whether a coincidence could ever be considered a miraculous event and have conducted their own research into miracles across a range of religious faiths and traditions.

The Childcare and Early Years department have run a Christmas donations programme. They have linked up with Birmingham Children’s Trust & Jubilee Church, to find out more about different family services. Hampers full of goodies they have collected are now on the way to children across the city.

In the Psychology department, AS students have been learning about the different Approaches in Psychology and how behaviour can be explained in different ways, e.g. via biological and environmental influences. A Level students have been learning about the causes of Aggression from different perspectives and enhancing their knowledge of key issues and debates like the Nature/Nurture debate, gender and culture bias.

The IT and Computing department have covered a broad range of topics from programming to animation, web development to creating products & applications. Teachers credit the students on their success of continuing to meet all deadlines and their commitment to independent learning.

In the Sociology and Criminology department, students have been learning about societal development in relation to culture and identity. Research skills have been developed by looking at social inequality. Criminology students have been learning about crime and the purpose of the criminal justice system, including creating campaigns related to under reported crimes.