Term Two Highlights From Our Teachers!

Each department has shared with us the highlights of their second term!

Each of our curriculum departments have shared their good news stories. The highlights submitted by each area really capture the amazing teaching, support and motivation our students receive from their teachers. Not only are lessons exciting and relatable to the real world, students also have access to wider opportunities including national debates, filmed science experiments and Harry Potter quizzes!

Our Childcare students have returned to their placements! The second year students have been busy in the replica classrooms carry out practical skills including water play, small world play, role play and preparing meals for babies.  The department has also seen staff members from across the college record story time for Instagram (@jcsfc_early_years), this is to support students in the importance of story time and reading with children. Head of Department Liz welcomes any other staff members to participate in this project!

In the Science department students have been able to complete practical work and develop their understanding of the practical aspect of science. The Science Technicians have been very busy carrying out practical’s, filming these, narrating with skills and method points and providing results for students to do analysis on. Head of Vocational Science Becky shares the technician team “have been brilliant!!”

Our Humanities department have offered a wide range of activities. In addition to their academic studies, History students were able to explore the Palestinian-Israel conflict through a series of national debates hosted by the Parallel Histories Project. In Politics, students have attended weekly discussion forums which looked at the first 100 days of Biden’s Presidency offering an insight into US politics which is not covered on the specification.  Geology students have returned to practical lessons in class which has allowed students to test rocks, fossils and minerals and apply some of the theory they spent time at home learning. Finally, the Humanities department offered students some social support during lockdown. The ‘Harry Potter’ Quiz was a favourite and in other social sessions students displayed new skills they had learnt in lockdown including the guitar and crochet. Head of Department Andy shares, “it has been a difficult start to learning but students have done us proud by engaging and showing independence!”

In the PE & Sport department students are engaging in a range of external training with The FA and World Rugby. BTEC Sport and Exercise Science students are starting their journey to becoming grassroot coaches. They are completing various qualifications to develop their understanding and confidence when coaching. Some learners are completing a Football Association Playmaker course, that introduces the basics of making fun, safe and inclusive football happen for all. Other learners are completing a Rugby Ready qualification which covers physical conditioning, correct technique, and injury prevention in Rugby.

The Psychology department have covered some fascinating content. AS Psychology students have been studying social influence, having discussions about how what they are learning relates to the current Covid-19 pandemic, obedience, conformity, resistance to social influence.  A2 students have been learning about the formation of relationships, having the opportunity to share their own ideas and discuss cultural, social, and temporal differences.

Our Law department have been very successful this term! Applied Law Year 1 exam results saw 100% pass and 61% high grades. Head of Department Sarah shares this was “all achieved with the backdrop of the pandemic, students worked exceptionally hard under circumstances of uncertainly, they overcame all of their worries and themselves really proud. As part of their exam they had to attend college 2 extra days and the day of the exam they also had to contend with snow!”

In IT and Computing students have been developing products, including websites with advanced features as well as programming applications and ordering systems. Students have polished their Microsoft Excel skills by building complex platforms, one student has made an interface to book trips to Drayton Manor, including interactive charts, invoicing and mail merge!

In the Art department students have been able to get stuck back in to their practice. Our A Level Art students were keen to get messy straight away and have been enjoying different print making processes. In Photography students have used the local urban environment as a location to experiment with ‘framing’ and the theme of ‘beauty in the overlooked.’ BTEC students have designed flags for Balsall Heath, produced brands and advertising campaigns. Student brands of notable mention are a entertainment company for ‘non-conventional people’, a clothing brand promoting mental health, a social media platform for pen pals and a jewellery brand with safety trackers.

Health and Social Care students have started planning individual research projects. Different topics include social media and the effects on mental health, the effects of diet on your physical health and the effects of exercise on wellbeing. They have been setting themselves targets, considering ethical research issues, looking for existing literature in their chosen area as well as planning interviews and questionnaires. Students have also been working on the nutrition unit, interviewing ‘clients’ to find out their nutritional needs and preferences, creating tailored meal plans.

The Maths department have introduced some competition into revision activities with a student leadership board displayed in the area! Using the Dr Frost Maths website students can revise and try practice papers whilst gaining points tracked by their teachers. Key content has included statistics, differentiation and coordinate geometry.

The Sociology and Criminology department have covered a broad range of content.  In Criminology, students are discussing why people become serial killers and are having debates about how the criminal justice system should deal with offenders. Our second year Sociologists are investigating why some groups have higher educational achievement than others and our first-year students are doing a great job applying their own experiences to discussions around gender inequality.

Business students have been watching the Mr Pardoe’s Business YouTube channel created by Teacher of Business Danny! A series of videos called “Talking Business” see Danny interview a range of people from different industries and backgrounds. Each episode also features advice for career development and employability skills. Recent videos include talks with Graphic Designers, a Sky Sports Analyst for the NFL and those with key roles in planning for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022.

The English department have been working with The English Association on a ‘Writing the Pandemic’ project. Students have engaged in online writing workshops and two JCC students have been selected as ‘general editors’ for the publication released in May. This will include selecting submissions and writing the editorial!

April is also a key time of year for students applying to university with many now receiving offers. Over 960 of our students have completed an UCAS application this year to progress to higher education, with universities from London to Glasgow, Birmingham to Keele. We have supported 8 applications to Oxford and Cambridge and 31 medical applications! The top five courses applied for are Law, Computer Science, Psychology, Accounting and Adult Nursing.