The Barber Institute Workshop

JCC students were lucky enough to be visited by The Barber Collective and took part in a series of taster art workshops.

The Barber Collective is an initiative based at The Barber institute at University of Birmingham’s Edgbaston campus. Each academic year, their free development programme invites a group of 16-21 year old students to make and explore visual and digital arts. The group regularly meets to artistically interpret The Barber Institute’s collection; working with contemporary artists, dancers and musicians. Members will learn from artists and work towards their own exhibition at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts.

Throughout the programme, students are exposed to new experiences to develop their critical thinking and creative skills. Creativity is encouraged by a supportive community of like minded, culturally engaged young people. Furthermore, the scheme develops new technical and analytical skills that can contribute to an arts portfolio. Such a portfolio is essential when applying for higher education arts courses. Participants can build their experience with one to one guidance in arts, education, research and marketing. There’s a strong network of collaboration, with students having the opportunity to work with some highly esteemed organisations – this year with the University of Birmingham’s Physics department.

Some of the day’s activities included students drawing their daily routine and working in teams.

After the visit, we received this positive feedback from the event leader:

“Your students were amazing and the team were very supportive.”

Thank you to Olive from the Barber Institute and to the students and staff who got involved in the event!

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