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University of Cambridge Trip –

As a part of our High Achiever’s programme, some of our high achieving year 12 students visited the University of Cambridge this month to see what it has to offer. Many of these students are thinking of applying to Cambridge next year, and this trip catalysed those feelings!

A former student of ours, Abubakar, who studies at Robinson College, guided our students around the many assets that the University of Cambridge boasts. By following the lead of Abubakar, our students were able to experience a tour of Newnham college, its accompanying library, and the Cambridge Union, the largest society in the University of Cambridge.

Our aspiring graduates also got to taste a sample lecture from a postgraduate student, showcasing what flavours they have to look forward to after they begin university. Finally, they were given a talk discussing the application process, which was an invaluable opportunity for our students.

Here’s what one of our students, Lavinia, had to say about the trip:

“The trip to University of Cambridge was very informative and interesting. Being able to directly chat with a few students and ask them about their time at the university really helped to get a realistic insight into the Cambridge experience. We first got a tour of Newnham College, the only college exclusively for women, and of its beautiful gardens, which looked like they were extracted from a 19th century painting. The atmosphere was very homely, the staff and students very friendly, and the food extremely appetising (the latter may be due to the exquisite ‘buttery’, where we had our lunch within walls embraced by portraits of founders of the college and impactful thinkers that attended it over the years). Towards the end of the trip, we went on a tour of the city centre and neighbouring colleges, distinct in their feature but stunning all the same. The liveliness and beauty of it makes you never want to leave, and it is because of the charming places and people that I feel obliged to become part of University of Cambridge.”

As these students continue through the High Achiever’s programme, they will gain the opportunity to visit the University of Oxford in the summer term, which is guaranteed to be equally exciting and inspiring!