Urban Sightings Photography Exhibition

Urban Sightings Photography Exhibition Captures Local Sites

Members of the Student Council’s Public Relations (PR) Team have visited our latest photography exhibition. ‘Urban Sightings’ was unveiled in October and is a stunning gallery of work in our ground floor corridor. The PR team have visited the space to interview students and write up their review!

Urban Sightings review by Hajrah Rehman, Student Council Senior Public Relations Officer

The students of Joseph Chamberlain’s photography department have produced a multitude of abstract and captivating images around Digbeth. These pictures demonstrate the urban and conceptual location in and around this area. This is where a lot of students have amassed their vision for the exhibition.

Although these photos aren’t the most traditional, they unveil the unusual beauty of man-made areas – in other words, the beauty that we don’t typically appreciate.

One of the main topics of artistry for those students is centered around “The New Topographic”, which was established by William Jenkins in 1975. This described the group of American photographers whose pictures had a formal and conventional aesthetic prints of the borough.

“I would describe the exhibition as a collection of man-made or unnatural beauties. Some of the photos many even be perceived as political.” JCC Photography Student

Student Council PR Officers Hajrah and Anisa visit ‘Urban Sightings’.

“Although these photos are not the most traditional, they show the unusual beauty of man-made areas – beauty we don’t usually notice.” JCC Photography Student

“The location of the photoshoots varies from the one we did in Digbeth as a class, to the areas around where students live. Which is shown in the uniqueness in each photo in the exhibit.” JCC Photography Student

Student Council President, Muhammad has visited the exhibition to see student work.