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New Students’ Welcome Day/Taster Days

Recently, Joseph Chamberlain College hosted its annual New Students’ Welcome Day. The staff at the college hope that all prospective students had an educational and enjoyable day.

The college’s New Students’ Welcome Day was an invaluable opportunity for prospective students to meet their soon-to-be teachers and explore their favourite subject areas, foreshadowing the exciting academic year to come. All attendees were encouraged to ask the college’s teachers any questions they might have about their subjects or the college in general while they had the chance to talk to experts in their respective fields. Alongside exploring subject areas, all prospective students were free to traverse the college’s vast array of other facilities, such as its Open Learning Centre computer room with 130 computers, newly-renovated Library, state-of-the-art Sports Hall, and modern and sleek social hub/canteen, Social Street. Joseph Chamberlain College can also be explored virtually; please click here to be taken on a virtual tour.

All attendees were treated to lunch, being given a chance to taste test the type of food that is available at the college. Furthermore, an Instagram competition was weaved into the day; prospective students were asked to creatively capture their favourite location/area of the college that they experienced on the day and upload it to Instagram for a chance to win a voucher. The college would like to congratulate all winners of this competition. 

Isa, a prospective Joseph Chamberlain College student, said, “It’s a great college with very friendly staff”, with Subhan stating that the building was “very clean”. Samia, another attendee of the New Students’ Welcome Day, expressed, “It was a nice day, and I’m looking forward to coming to this college”.

Just after the New Students’ Welcome Day, Joseph Chamberlain College welcomed students from Small Heath Leadership Academy, Saltley Academy, Hodge Hill College, Selly Park Girls’ School, Yardleys School, Ark Boulton Academy, and Wheelers Lane Technology College into the building for Taster Days. The staff at the college hope that all students enjoyed their Taster Day sessions and got a good taste of college life. 

During the Taster Days, the year 10 students attended the previously mentioned Taster Day sessions. Each student attended four of their choosing, a fantastic opportunity to discover what their favourite subjects will be like at college. All attending pupils were treated to a packed lunch, cereal bars, and a pack filled with Joseph Chamberlain College-themed items.

Liz, a member of staff at Small Heath Leadership Academy, said the day was “well organised, professional, and welcoming. The students got a real taste of college life.” Jannath, a student who attended Taster Day, stated, “I like the facilities, especially in art. The staff in the law department explained everything perfectly.” Another attending student expressed: “I’m excited to apply after seeing what JCC has to offer.”

Sana, a member of staff at Hodge Hill College, said the day was “well organised with excellent arrangements. It was a nice day out for students.” Another attending student, Unaysah, told the college, “It was useful talking to teachers and getting information about the college, an opportunity I wouldn’t get in as much detail at school,” with Almira stating it was “interesting to gain insight into the subjects I am interested in studying in the future.”

Joseph Chamberlain College would like to thank all prospective students, year 10 students, and schools who joined them during the New Students’ Welcome Day or Taster Days.

A compilation of photos from our New Students' Welcome Day 2023.

A compilation of photos from our 2023 Taster Days.