The work of the Board is governed by the Instruments and Articles of Government, which can only be modified by decision of the Full Board. The work of the Corporation is supported by a Clerk on a part time basis. On this page you can view minutes from meetings, financial statements and our whistleblowing policy.

The Corporation of Joseph Chamberlain College has a vacancy for a Parent/Guardian/Carer Governor, to serve for this year. Click here to view details of the vacancy and here to download a nomination form form.

Full board Meetings

Full Board 27th March 2018

Full Board 3rd July 2018

Full Board 16th October 2018

Full Board 12th December 2019

Audit Committee Meetings

Audit Committee Minutes 21st November 2017

Audit Committee Minutes 20th March 2018

Audit Committee Minutes 5th June 2018

Audit Committee Minutes 19th November 2019

Finance and Resources Committee Meetings

F & R Committee 27th November 2019

Finance and General Purpose Committee Meetings

FG & C minutes 6th December 2017

FG & C minutes 20th March 2018

FG & C minutes 12th June and 3rd July 2018

Curriculum and Learning Committee Meetings

C & L Minutes 18th September 2017

C & L Minutes 23rd March 2018

C & L Minutes 14th March 2019

C & L Minutes 14th May 2019

C & L Minutes 10th September 2019

Financial Statements

Financial Statement 2016-17

Financial Statement 2017-18

Financial Statement 2018-19

Financial Statement 2019-20

Financial Statement 2020 – 2021

Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing Policy